We have a secret.  Flowing under the foundation of our historic building is a natural artesian spring.  We believe that this spring not only attracts compassionate clients who value health, hope, and happiness; but stirs creativity, and draws dedicated instructors who make exercise a playful and meaningful event.



Pilates at Play; A Fitness Co-operative

(For general information about the studio, contact us: info@pilatesatplay.com)
Review our schedule of classes. Purchase a package, or contact the instructors below.
TRISHA HATFIELD GRAVES (Apparatus, Mat): 360-352-3444  trisha@pilatesatplay.com
HEATHER CHRISTOPHER (Apparatus, Mat, Barre): 360-556-4620 perennialpilates@comcast.net

CALLY BAKER (Pole & Chair Dance): 360-250-1470  cally.oly@gmail.com
TIFFANY JOLLY (OMnia Yoga): 360-980-0024  support@tiffanyjolly.com
MAGGIE NUESE (BUTI® Yoga): 360 402-9241 maggie.nuese@gmail.com

NOEL NIEMI (BUTI® Yoga): 360-970-7630  ilovecnh@yahoo.com 

- Joseph Pilates

"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness."


...before Pilates was a household word, Pilates at Play opened as the first fully-equipped studio in the area offering instruction in an effective, but complicated method that involves years of intensive training for even a fully-certified instructor to grasp.

While decades later, most everyone has heard of Pilates, it remains an enigma; the elephant to the blind man. To grasp the profound brilliance of Joseph Pilates, the method must be experienced under the expert guidance of a fully-certified instructor...a rarity.
Pilates at Play is that rarity...and so much more.

nce Upon a Time...