Pull-Ups; Apparatus (advanced move).

Cally Baker; Pole Instructor      

 Trisha & Heather                          Photo: Michael Christopher

Pilates Apparatus

Pilates packages are available from Trisha or Heather, or buy a "split" to attend classes with both. Prices below are for Group Sessions (3-5 clients) and include Reformer, Jumpboard, Aerial Pilates and Swing-a-Lates. Additional deductions of $40 added for Privates, and $10 for Duet sessions. Sessions are by appointment weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Contact us for current openings. See Flex-Packages below for group Mat and Barre class charges.

Regular Packages (Through Dec 31, 2017, buy any Regular Package & attend BOTH Trisha & Heather's Mat & Barre classes!)

  • XL - $600+tax = 30 Group Apparatus -or- 60 Mat/Barre (8 months to use)
  • LG - $400+tax = 16 Group Apparatus -or- 33 Mat/Barre (5 months to use)
  • MD - $270+tax = 9 Group Apparatus -or- 20 Mat/Barre (4 months to use)
  • SM - $140+tax = 4 Group Apparatus -or- 10 Mat/Barre (3 months to use)
Mix it up! Attend Apparatus, Mat, Barre*...any classes your instructor offers!
Attend anything your instructor offers; including Mat and Barre Pilates* classes. The following charges will be deducted from your package balance per class: XL - $10, LG - $12, MD - $13, SM - $14 
*Barre is offered by Heather only.  

Intro to Pilates Splits - $120+tax  ($60 to each instructor)

Intro packages are for first time clients only. Buy a "Split" to experience both instructors ($60+tax pd separately to each).  
All Intro classes/sessions must be used within 3 months.
  • Option I; Mat/Barre = 12 Classes (6 Mat/Barre* w/each instructor)
  • Option II; Combo = 6 Mat/Barre + 2 Group Apparatus (3 Mat/Barre* + 1 Group Apparatus w/each instructor)
  • Option III; Apparatus = 4 Group or 2 Privates (2 Group or 1 Private Apparatus with each instructor)
    * Barre Pilates offered by Heather only 

Single Pilates Class Prices

Not ready to commit to a package?  Try one class.
  • $20+tax = Mat/Barre
  • $45+tax = Group Session
  • $55+tax = Duet Session
  • $80+tax = Private Session
Pole Dance
SUN 7:00 pm, MON 7:45 pm, TUE 6:30 pm, THU 7:45 pm, & FRI 6:30 pm
Contact Cally Baker: 360-250-1470 CallyOly@gmail.com (Facebook) 

  Swing-a-Lates                                     Photo: Michael Christopher

Contact Wendy Wilson: 360-742-7905   Email  Buy  Now
Private Party - Pole Dance
Schedule a 2-hr Saturday party. Minimum 6 ladies @$30 each.  
BYO refreshments (including alcohol for 21+).  
To inquire about a pole party, contact: poleparty@pilatesatplay.com  
Reserve your party date by downloading & submitting our
Party Request form .  

Purchase a Pilates Package:

Purchase Package from Heather (Barre classes included @ Mat charge)
Wish to pay with cash or check instead?  Download Pilates Registration Form
OMnia Yoga
MON, WED, THU 6:30 pm & SAT 9:00 am
Private Party - OMnia Yoga  
Schedule a 2-hr Saturday party @$30 each. Minimum 6 persons. 
Wendy Wilson: