*Pilates Apparatus/Reformer, Jump Board, Swing-a-Lates, and Aerial Pilates sessions are also available by appointment, based on instructor availability.
Contact instructor(s) directly, or for general info, contact the studio.


Class Descriptions

Any Pilates package can be purchased as a 50/50 "split" betweenTrisha and Heather to enjoy both instructor's schedules. No experience necessary.  Modifications provided for all levels.
PILATES APPARATUS with Trisha and/or Heather (classical equipment; Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector):
  • Joseph Pilates' equipment is his greatest legacy of achievment. Fine-tune, identify, and correct issues. Address goals and objectives.
  • 50-min sessions are scheduled by appointment, mornings, afternoons and evenings.
  • Session charges deducted from your package are based on Private (1), Duet (2), or Group (3-5).
  • Jumpboard Reformer classes also available by request.
PILATES MAT with Trisha and/or Heather: Pilates at Play on Facebook
  • What began as the signature "homework" of Joseph Pilates, has evolved into a series of floor work moves known as Mat.
  • Classes are diverse, open to all, and make use of any combination of balls, bands, rings, springs, and foam rollers. Never boring!
  • Sign up for 30 or 50 min classes online, by phone (Trisha - 360-352-3444 / Heather - 360-556-4620), or at the studio.
  • Any regular Pilates package includes optional mat classes. Charges deducted based on package size.
BARRE PILATES with Heather: 360-556-4620 / Perennial Pilates Website
  • This high-intensity class combines light hand weights, core-focused Pilates, and the ballet barre, for strength, flexibility, stability, and balance.
  • Sign up for 50 minute classes online, by email perennialpilates@comcast.net, by phone (360-556-4620), or at the studio.
  • Any regular package with Heather includes optional Barre classes. Charges deducted, based on package size.
PILATES UNIQUE OFFERINGS with Trisha and/or Heather:
  • SWING-a-LATES: Pilates adapted to playground swings. 50-min. Max 3 persons.
  • AERIAL PILATES: Pilates adapted to yoga slings. 50-min. Max 3 persons.
  • Session charges deducted from your package are the same price as Apparatus, and scheduled by appointment.
POLE DANCE FITNESS with Cally (package info): 360-250-1470 / Facebook
  • 75 minutes combining a comprehensive warm up with pole dance, for an awesome and fun full-body workout!
  • Private & Semi-Private lessons available w/Cally.
  • To schedule a 2-hr Saturday Pole Party, call 360-352-3444  or send email to poleparty@pilatesatplay.com.
OMNIA YOGA with Tiffany (package info): 360-980-0024 / Facebook
  • Yoga-inspired strength and cardio, infused with meditative affirmations, powerhouse energy and soul-seducing, primal music.
  • This 60 minute class is a richly varied original that begs to be experienced. Prepare to be deliciously satisfied .

YOGA TRAPEZE with Lori: 360-451-3179 loribcapra@yahoo.com (Buy Yoga Trapeze package from Lori here!)

  • Traditional Yoga meets meditative Cirque du Soleil for 12 years old and up.
  • Plus the added benefits of aerial yoga; flexibility & spinal inversion/decompression.
BUTI® YOGA with Maggie/Noel (package info): Maggie 360-402-9241 / Facebook / Noel 360-970-7630
  • High energy strength, conditioning and cardio, grounded by hypnotic, heart-pounding music.
  • BUTI® has swept the nation, becoming one of the most popular and exciting yoga-fusion offerings of the decade.
7:45 pm NEW!
Yoga Trapeze