*Pilates Apparatus/Reformer, Jump Board, Swing-a-Lates, and Aerial Pilates sessions are by appointment, based on instructor availability.
Contact instructor(s) directly, or for general info, contact the studio.

Class Descriptions

Any Pilates package can be purchased as a 50/50 "split" betweenTrisha and Heather to enjoy both instructor's schedules. No experience necessary.  Modifications provided for all levels.
PILATES APPARATUS with Trisha and/or Heather (classical equipment; Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector):
  • Joseph Pilates' equipment is his greatest legacy of achievment. Fine-tune, identify, and correct issues. Address goals and objectives. (Mat class packages sold separately.)
  • 50-min sessions are scheduled by appointment, mornings, afternoons and evenings.
  • Session charges deducted from your package are based on Private (1), or Semi-Private (Group 2-5).
  • Jumpboard Reformer classes also available by request.
PILATES MAT with Trisha and/or Heather: Pilates at Play on Facebook
  • What began as the signature "homework" of Joseph Pilates, has evolved into a variety of floor work moves known as Mat.
  • Classes are diverse, open to all, and make use of any combination of balls, bands, rings, springs, and foam rollers. Never boring!
  • Sign up for 30 or 50 min classes online, by phone (Trisha - 360-352-3444 / Heather - 360-556-4620), or at the studio.
  • To attend Apparatus & Mat; purchase both an Apparatus and Mat package (sold separately). Charges deducted based on package size.
BARRE PILATES with Heather 360-556-4620 / Perennial Pilates Website Facebook BUY NOW
  • This one-of-a-kind class combines light hand weights, core-focused Pilates, and the ballet barre, for strength, flexibility, stability, and balance.
  • Sign up for 50 minute classes online, by email, by phone (360-556-4620), or at the studio.
  • Any regular package with Heather includes optional Barre classes. Charges deducted, based on package size.
UNIQUE PILATES OFFERINGS with Trisha and/or Heather:
  • SWING-a-LATES: Pilates adapted to playground swings. 50-min. Max 3 persons.
  • AERIAL PILATES: Pilates adapted to yoga slings. 50-min. Max 3 persons.
  • Session charges deducted from your package are the same price as Apparatus, and scheduled by appointment.
POLE DANCE FITNESS with Cally 360-250-1470 / Facebook
  • 75 minutes combining a comprehensive warm up with pole dance, for an awesome and fun full-body workout!
  • Private & Semi-Private lessons available w/Cally.
  • To schedule a 2-hr Saturday Pole Party, call 360-352-3444  or send email to
OMNIA YOGA with Wendy 360-742-7905 / Facebook BUY NOW 
  • Yoga-inspired strength and cardio, infused with meditative affirmations, powerhouse energy and soul-seducing, primal music.
  • This 60 minute class is a richly varied original that begs to be experienced. Prepare to be deliciously satisfied .